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I’m Lynley!

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts grow their businesses, share their knowledge, and reach their audiences through digital courses.

You have so much to share with the world, so much to teach, so many people to impact...but you have no idea where to start.

Maybe you could become a blogger and write about your experiences. Maybe you could become a YouTuber and share your experiences via video. 

Or maybe you could create an engaging, interactive digital course that could help you reach more people, spread your message, and impact the world.

If your answer is blogger or YouTuber, I’m not going to be of much help (though my 8-year-old daughter certainly thinks YouTube is the career of the future!), though I can refer you to some great people!

But if a digital course is on your radar, then you’ve come to the right place!

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I love helping my clients bring their visions to life so they can change the lives of others!

Here’s a quick list of things I help my clients do:

  • Figure out exactly who they are serving - and what they need
  • Organize the millions of thoughts running around in their heads into a cohesive digital course curriculum
  • Write the video scripts, webinars, workbooks, and other collateral that supports their course
  • Wade through the logistics of running and engaging a Facebook group
  • Define and implement a solid strategy to launch their course to the world
  • Establish an ongoing content marketing strategy to share value and grow their email list between launches
  • Use social media to connect with their audience, build relationships, and create raving fans

Thinking about developing a course of your own? Developed your course material and need help launching? Let’s chat!

My Story

It’s funny how the different areas of your past can come together sometimes, isn’t it?

I was an English and German major in college, and I earned my Master of Arts degree in Professional Communication from Clemson University.

During graduate school, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of English and business writing courses as a graduate teacher of record (that means I had all the responsibilities of a professor - but none of the pay!). 

Upon graduation, I began working as an instructional designer for a Fortune 500 company, designing online and instructor-led training for our internal and external clients.

I worked for that company for 15 years, evolving from an instructional designer to a website content manager to a collaboration systems manager.  And looking back, each role I served in that company prepared me for what happened in September of 2018.

I quit my secure, well-paying job with a fantastic company.

And I started my own business.

I started out doing social media management...but two months in, I realized I hated it.

Luckily, I discovered copywriting, and I’ve been doing that ever since.

But as I worked with clients, particularly coaches and course creators, I realized that it wasn’t just copy they needed help with.

They needed someone to guide them through the entire process - from developing their course curriculum and creating the course assets to marketing and launching their course to the world.

And my past and present collided in an amazing way.

Every day, I get to use my teaching and instructional design background to help my clients develop their courses, and I get to use my digital marketing expertise to help them navigate the minefields of Facebook, webinars, email lists, and sales funnels.

This is what bliss looks like.


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Marketing & Course Support

  • Marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Email list building
  • Content development and management
  • Organic social media growth and engagement
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Blog writing

Course Development

  • Ideal customer research and development
  • Course validation
  • Curriculum design
  • Student engagement planning, such as knowledge checks, discussion posts, and activities
  • Technology setup and integration
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Launch Planning

  • Full launch strategy
  • Lead generation + email list growth
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Social media promotion
  • Webinar development, including scripting and slides
  • Sales funnel development, including copywriting and build
  • Application funnels, including scheduling communications, call scripts and follow-ups

Client Love

Working with Lynley has been a dream. Her copy has allowed our agency clients to have fun and engaging Facebook ads, email copy and sales pages – which means more leads and more sales. She is down to earth and easy to work with. I have definitely enjoyed having her on my team.

Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller Marketing

Testimonial from Rachel Pedersen, the Queen of Social Media and founder of Social Media United and the Social Clique


Course Development


I will review your course outline, course collateral (group discussion prompts, pdfs, workbooks), and a sample of your videos. I will provide my feedback via Loom recording


Review of all course material (curriculum, videos, collateral, group engagement) and create a course curriculum, engagement, audience analysis

Done For/With You

Full build-out of all course content – course curriculum, video scripts, slides, worksheets, group engagement

Course Launch


I will review your launch plan – sales funnel, email sequences, social posts, webinar material. I will provide my feedback via Loom recording


Review all course and existing launch material. Create a full launch strategy, task list, and timeline

Done For/With You

Full launch strategy, build-out of all assets (copy, design, funnel, etc) and implementation

Marketing/Course Support


I will review your content marketing strategy and content – emails to your list, lead generation process, pdfs, email nurture sequences. I will provide my feedback via Loom recording


Create a marketing strategy for ongoing list building, content marketing, SEO, social media, and lead generation.

Done For/With You

Marketing strategy and implementation, content development and scheduling, email automation, lead generation funnels

The Whole Enchilada:

Your complete course, launch, support, and marketing strategy, development, and implementation.

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