A Goose Walks Into a Bar…

I went for a walk at a local lake Saturday morning. It’s always, um, interesting to walk at this lake because they have a large flock of ducks and geese.

Where there are ducks and geese…there’s a lot of poop. Apparently waterfowl aren’t picky about where they do their business, so you have to be really careful or you’ll step in it.

Today I noticed a goose hopping on one leg.

(I have to admit, my first thought was, “Is that goose drunk?” And then I wondered where a goose would get alcohol. Would he just waddle on into a liquor store, slap down a 12-pack, and say, “Just put it on my bill!”?? Ha!)

Anyway, back to the hopping goose.

I was able to get closer to him and see that his webbed foot was really swollen – like, cartoonishly so. I realized that he had fishing line wound around his leg, right at the ankle joint (if that’s what you call it on a goose).

I wanted so badly to help him, but I didn’t have anything that could cut the fishing line, not even in my car (note to self…).

In the end, there wasn’t really anything I could do to help the poor little guy. I did stop the Parks and Recreation employee who was riding around in his little cart and ask him about the goose. He said that he’s been hurt for at least a week, but being wild animals, the ducks and geese don’t fall under anyone’s jurisdiction.

So I’m heartbroken for this little goose. He doesn’t know what’s wrong. He doesn’t know how to fix it. And he doesn’t know who to trust to help him.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who feel this way, too. They put out an offer, but it doesn’t convert. They don’t know what’s wrong. They don’t know how to fix it. And they don’t know who to trust to help.

If this is you…or if you just want a second set of eyes on your sales page copy, email sequence, or course outline…

…then I’d love to conduct a copy audit for you!

Audits are $97 and include a 30-45 minute Loom video of my comments, feedback, and suggestions.

I can’t help the little goose, but I can help you!

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