Why Your Lead Magnet Delivery Email Needs a Makeover

Ah, the ubiquitous lead magnet.  We all use them to collect email addresses and generate leads…but are you using it to its full advantage?

Because here’s the secret – the lead magnet isn’t the most important part of your lead generation machine. 

The delivery email is.

<record screech>

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Your lead magnet needs to be packed full of value.  The more awesome it is, the bigger the impression you’ll make on your potential lead…and the more likely they are to keep following you and convert into a customer.

But there’s a huge missed opportunity in the delivery email!

So often, I will opt into a freebie, and I’ll get a boilerplate email that says, “Thanks for downloading ‘Title of freebie.’ Here’s the link!  Bye!” (or something similar).

No branding.  No personality. No further action. No story.

THIS is the problem!  Your delivery email is your first point of contact with this lead outside of the social media ecosystem.  


Here are seven essential components of a delivery email that will take your lead from “Who’s that?” to “How can I work with you?”

  1.  Headline

We can talk all day about what a huge impact the email headline has on email open rates.  But we don’t have to – the more interesting and compelling the headline, the higher the likelihood that it’ll be opened.  Pure and simple.

So first you want to make sure it’s VERY clear that your free lead magnet is inside the email.  I prepend my subject line with something like “[FREE DOWNLOAD]” or “[OPEN ME]” or “[IT’S HERE!].”  You need to catch their attention – and words like FREE work well!

  1. Personalization

Even the most basic email automation software gives you the ability to personalize emails with the reader’s name (assuming that you’re capturing their first name – which you should for this very purpose!).  You want your reader to feel like you’re sending this value-packed freebie just to them – and using their name will immediately catch their attention and make them feel noticed. 

So don’t just say, “Hi there” or “Hey, everybody” – use the personalization option to customize the greeting of your email to say, “Hey, %FirstName%!” or “%FirstName%, I’m so excited you decided to snag my awesome freebie!”  (Hint: This always works beautifully in subject lines. Just sayin’).

  1. Link to the Download

Obvious, I know.  But it’s absolutely essential!

  1. Introduce Yourself

This may be the first time this potential lead has ever interacted with you – so tell them a little about you!  Tell them about your business, how you help your clients, the last movie you saw, your favorite sushi.  This is your only chance to make a first impression – so make it good!  Be personable, be friendly, and give them a good idea of what they can expect from future emails.

  1. Set Expectations

Tell them what to expect as a member of their email list.  Maybe you email every Monday with tips on how to grow your social media.  Maybe you share book reviews. Maybe you share funny memes.  Set the expectations now – and stick to them – so they can decide now if they want to stay on your email list.

  1. Open a Communication Loop

Hopefully, this delivery email will kick off a welcome nurture sequence (hint hint), so give them a glimpse of the next email they’ll receive from you.  But don’t just tell them – dangle that carrot just out of reach so they’ll be sure to come back tomorrow so they can grab it!  Open communication loops leave us wanting more – but you HAVE to close it.  Otherwise, your reader will get frustrated and unsubscribe. 

I like to do this in a P.S. to my delivery email:  “P.S. Want to know the #1 reason your copy isn’t converting?  It’s probably not what you think.  I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow, but give it some thought tonight.” 

This accomplishes two things:  1) It assures them that I’ll be closing that communication loop, so they will be on the lookout for the email the next day, and 2) It prompts them to actually think about why their copy might not be converting.  It brings awareness to the problems they’re having with their copy so when I bring awareness to the solutions I can provide, it’s a no-brainer to work with me!

  1. Make sure they know where to follow you on social media

Assuming you’re active on social media, that is 🙂  This doesn’t have to be a full call-to-action to follow you – you can just include the links to your profiles in your email signature.  Subtle – but effective.

The delivery email…you have one, but are you really taking advantage of it?  Do yourself (and your readers) a favor and give your delivery emails a makeover.  You’ll be glad you did!

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